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The Books that Stilled a Storm

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Dragonseed (Bitterwood)

Dragonseed - James Maxey

Maxey's Dragon Age Trilogy is my first taste of cross genre fiction, and having finished reading Dragonseed I'm left to admire the ingenuity of the author for his weave of multiple plots and characters in this science fiction-fantasy adventure. His crisp prose made for an easy reading and the plot is packed with action. And like most plot driven stories, the characters can go on without needing much rest. There's nothing ordinary about the story events here. Everything is possible, and the power of absolute control is explained through a technology called nanites (nano robots). Sometimes, the stories are a bit far fetched for my taste. But that's how science fiction goes. I'd also point out that the trilogy, or perhaps the author shows disdain over absolute power resting on ONE supreme being, presenting them as power hungry immortals with simplistic ideals. That's how he paints most of the gods (there are many gods here). Dragonseed is a clever formulaic fiction and I like it.