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The Books that Stilled a Storm

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Women would love it

Son of the Shadows - Juliet Marillier

Unfortunately, I don't.


The prose is verbose. There were too many thoughts and not enough tension to get me hooked. I ploughed on anyway because I was already halfway into the novel.


Son of the Shadows tells the story of a young chieftan’s daughter, who falls in love with a heavily tattooed killer (a common female fantasy). She crosses path with a band of mercenaries who kidnaps her when one of their men is heavily injured. She has the skills to heal him.


The encounter with the hired assassins leads to a relationship with its leader and like most female fantasies, the badass leader turns out to be a hurt soul with a history. And naturally, he needs saving by none other than the heroine. This seemingly imposing hero finally gives his heart away to a plain yet beloved woman who has wonderful skills in healing and psychic abilities…. I can’t go on.


I remember days when I am into such stories. As you get older, you learn that far more exciting fiction exists out there with situations bearing greater importance and deeper meaning than your fancies to feel special.


Also, the lengthy dialogues that sound like something coming out of a stage play bothered me. Natural back and forth dialogue is lacking. In this novel dialogues are used to reveal redundant and even useless information that only prolong scenes. Like there's a need to emphasize the importance or the special-ness of a character... mostly the heroine.


The first book of the series is exciting. I can say I won't be reading the third book.